East Sooke Together

Helping our Community During COVID-19 Isolation

Are you unable to leave your home because of COVID-19? East Sooke Together is a group of neighbours ready to help those affected by COVID-19 Isolation. We want to support this community and ensure that nobody is left out. We do not ask for anything in return - we just believe in helping each other in difficult times.

We are local citizens, not a professional body. We can only offer limited help, and in ways that keep us ALL safe. We only collect a first name and basic contact information. We do not screen clients or volunteers for health status or good character, because we cannot. This is an honour system - all parties must be kind to others while protecting themselves. (For example, leave deliveries at the door.)

We do not offer medical or self-protection advice. Please refer only to information from official sites such as the BC Centre for Disease Control, COVID-19. Their new self-assessment tool will help you decide on any medical care you might need.

What help can we offer?

  • Shopping for/ picking up essential groceries, prescriptions or medical supplies
  • Regular phone chats - a friendly call to see how you are doing

Need Support

If you require help, we will add you to our list of clients.

Fill in a Client Intake Form online to request support

Download the Client Intake Form

Give Support

If you would like to join in supporting the community, we will add you to our list of volunteers.

Fill in a Volunteer Intake Form online to offer support

Download the Volunteer Intake Form

East Sooke Together

If you would like to speak to us, or provide information personally, please leave a message at 778-400-5442 or email eastsooketogether@gmail.com. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Download the East Sooke Together Flyer

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